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Specialty Courses

PADI Nitrox

Enriched Air Nitrox

PADI Enriched Air Nitrox is the worlds most popular Specialty Diver Course. Why? As a certified diver you are missing out on some extra bottom time every time you dive. With an Enriched Air Nitrox certification you can dive with Eanx anywhere it is offered around the world. Feel better, dive different and dive longer. It may sound complicated and technical but it is very straight forward. This simple 1 day course will change your diving for the better!

If you are thinking of becoming a diving professional or perhaps entering the world of technical diving, Enriched Air Nitrox is a base requirement.

Deep Diver

The PADI Deep Diver course extends your diving abilities to the maximum recreational limit of 40m/120ft. If you have ever wondered what lurks in the depths below, this is your chance to explore the deep. Over four exciting dives you will learn how to plan for deep dives, consider equipment selections and above all stay safe. Having completed Deep Diver training, you are now a more confident and competent diver. The Deep Diver course is also a pre-requisite for technical training along with PADI Enriched Air Nitrox. 

  • PADI Enriched Air $400
    2 Open Water Dives on Nitrox  
    1 Half Day  
    PADI E-Learning Not Included  
    PADI Deep Diver $400
    4 Open Water Dives  
    2 Half Days  

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Scuba Dive Costa Rica is a multilingual Diving Agency located at the heart of Costa Rica's diving region in NW Pacific, serving Tamarindo, Flamingo, Potrero, Bat Islands and more. The main location in Potrero is the only Beachfront Dive Center in Costa Rica featuring onsite training pool, restaurant and full bar.

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