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Playa Penca is another one of our favorite beaches in the area and it’s amazing how different the beaches are in Costa Rica. Playa Potrero just next door is not considered an attractive beach but Penca is a beautiful Blonde beach, hidden and does not get busy. Iy is a great escape not too far off the beaten path. Penca is not a long beach but it has such charm and has a great view. Penca also connects to Playa Prieta , another hidden gem making a beach way a good distance when you combine the two.

To get to Playa Prieta, you need to trek through the trees at the North end by the Estuary for just a few minutes and hang a left when you get out of the trees by Villas Estival.

There are currently no services on Penca but there will be a very small and quaint outlet opening soon. Be sure to go with what you need.

Good for Boogie Boarding but take your own as there are no Surfing Rentals on this beach.

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